Buy Androlic Tablets British Dispensary (50 mg/tab) 100 tabs online


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Buy Androlic Tablets British Dispensary (50 mg/tab) 100 tabs online

Buy Androlic Tablets British Dispensary (50 mg/tab) 100 tabs online is one of the most potent and strongest oral steroids, developed on the basis oksimetalona. It has an active anabolic property promotes rapid growth and weight gain and muscle.
Androlic drug effects

The steroid has a powerful effect androgenic Androlic reception allows athletes in record time to achieve a significant benefit indicators of muscle mass and power. Athlete, taking these pills for two weeks can get up to 5-7kg.

During this it means that the athlete a lot of water collects, in addition to the muscle tissue, leading to a rapid increase in muscle mass and volume. Comments on the Internet testify to its high efficiency and fast results.

Androlic contributes to the attraction of water in muscle cells, leading to greater accumulation of water in the course of the preparation. This steroid does not give qualitative growth of muscle tissue and provides a purely quantitative. But steroids “lubricates joints,” which is important for athletes suffering from joint pain and working with heavy weights.

It also helps increase the number of red blood cells; the muscles receive more oxygen. Athletes who use Androlic 50, felt a great surge of strength and do not feel tired during workouts. Overtraining when taking these pills is excluded, as the substance creates the conditions for high physical regeneration.

Androlic dose combination

At the beginning of the drug, athletes recommended daily dosage Androlic – 50 mg, which is necessary to increase gradually. A week later, the dose should be increased by approximately twice (100 mg). Tablets generally must be consumed during meals in the morning and evening. It is reasonable to take medicine in an amount of 1 mg per 1 kg body weight, or about 1 to 3 tablets 50 mg per day.

The maximum dose of 3 tablets is considered to be anabolic and receive 4 is not recommended even for experienced athletes, because, judging by the comments experienced athletes, a high probability of severe side effects.

Athletes whose body is not a rumor familiar with steroids may be in the third week of reception for the daily dose of 150 mg. The same pattern can be glued to the athlete’s category of over 100 kg.

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Buy Androlic Tablets British Dispensary (50 mg/tab) 100 tabs online

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