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Buy glucophage 500mg online

Generic Glucophage is not a brand drug. Generic drug contains the same active ingredient as brand medication – Metformin- however, excipients, manufacturer, form, shape of tablets, commercial name differ. It is believed that generic drug works the same as brand; however pharmacokinetic characteristics (absorbtion, distribution, elimination) may differ as well.


How does generic Glucophage work?

Metformin is an oral antidiabetic preparation that is related to a group of biguanides. The mechanism of treatment is a possibility to inhibit gluconeogenesis. Metformin increases the sensibility of peripheral receptors to insulin and stimulates glucose uptake by muscle cells. It is also able to reduce the level of glucose in blood, both basic level and the one after having a meal. Metformin does not stimulate the release of insulin and therefore does not lead to a hypoglycemia; it also does not cause any hypoglycemic action on a healthy person.
Metformin helps to decrease body weight considerably for people suffering from diabetes or obesity. It also reduces your appetite, enforces anaerobic glycolysis and decreases glucose resorption into G.I. Tract, causes hypolipidemic and fibrinolytic actions.
In general generic Glucophage exert the following actions:
Increases the sensitivity of peripheral receptors to insulin;
Increases the utilization of glucose muscles;
Delays absorption of glucose and other carbohydrates from the gastrointestinal tract;
Inhibits gluconeogenesis in the liver;
Increases the sensitivity of tissues to insulin;
Reduces the inactivation of insulin;
Reduces blood glucose;
Causes a significant decrease in body weight in patients with diabetes, obesity;
Reduces the appetite;
Has a favorable effect on lipid metabolism: reduces total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL;
Has antifibrinolytic properties;
Does not stimulate insulin secretion and does not exert hypoglycemic action in healthy individuals.
The maximum concentration of Metformin is reached in 2.5 hours after taking the medicine. The maximum concentrations of Metformin in blood plasma have not exceeded 4mkg/ml. During medicine administration in the recommended doses, the constant concentrations of plasma in blood are being attained within 24-48 hours and form, as a rule, less than 1 mkg/ml. Meal taking decreases and slows down Metformin resorbtion.
The absolute oral Metformin bioavailability forms aproximately 50 – 60% for healthy people. Metformin slightly interacts with the proteins in blood.
20 – 30% of the given dose are excreted with urine by kidney in unchanged form by glomerular filtration and tubular secretion. The time of half-excretion is approximately 6.5 hours. In case of kidney dyspraxia, renal clearance decreases proportionally to creatine clearance. In that case the time of half-excretion and plasma concentration in the blood is increased respectively.

Buy glucophage 500mg online

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